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Providing you with Pipeline Visibility

Delivering you comprehensive and relevant coverage of current tenders and advanced opportunities across the UK, NI and Europe.

Current tender opportunities…

  • We will ensure you have visibility of not only Contract Notices, but also AINs, PINs and Awards
  • Contracts Advance has an inbuilt CRM system which will allow you to have a real-time audit trail of your opportunities
  • We understand and work with the fundamental inefficiencies of the CPV code system to find the optimum balance between not wading through too much white noise and not missing opportunities fitting your qualification criteria.
  • And we’ll deliver this to you via both multi-recipient daily email alerts and the market’s most user-friendly dashboard

Our current tender opportunities are the ideal solution if you…

  • Are missing tender opportunities
  • Wish to save time and to unify all your source feeds
  • Are wasting valuable time working through tender notices
  • And your team are struggling with your old tracker products

Advance pipeline visibility…

  • We will provide you with manually qualified advance visibility of contracts and frameworks

  • Our client care team will ensure we have a clear understanding of your business, enabling you to utilise our resource, not your own, to maximise your pipeline visibility. And our market leading dashboard, with real-time CRM, will ensure you can access the information you need, when you need it

  • We’ll help put you in the best position to win that bid, and ensure you are maximising your framework participation, through pre-bid engagement, targeted relationship building and a best understanding of client needs

Our advance opportunities are the ideal solution if you…

  • Are looking for an improved bid win rate
  • Save your sales team time
  • Want to support your pre-bid engagement
  • Provide an accurate forward looking pipeline

The next steps…

If you would like to find out more about our pipeline visibility service please call us on 01225 632500 or e-mail info@contractsadvance.co.uk.

Importance of Contract Notification

The value of maximised advance visibility plus pre-bid consultancy